Celtic Knot, a Handwoven Rug
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My Weaving and Textile Background

My basic weaving education began in 1994 when I attended two beginning weaving classes at the Multnomah Art Center in Oregon. I rented my first loom and attempted the "shaft switching" technique using paper clips.

I am primarily self-taught on the specifics of shaft switching through the study of Peter Collingwood's book "Rug Weaving Techniques, Beyond the Basics." I learned the specifics of rug finishes by studyeing Peter Collingwood's book "Techniques of Rug Weaving."

At the 1996 "Convergence" weaving conference in Portland, OR, I took a seminar on the topic of Block Designs from Jason Collingwood. I am primarily self-taught with regard to using chemical dyes such as Cushing and Lanoset.


A photo of my rug "Eastern Star" was published in the Nov/Dec 2001 issue of Handwoven magazine (page 75.)
My rug "Cabin on the Rio #1" was accepted into "Connecting Waters 2001", a juried exhibition of artists from SW Washington. The exhibit was held at the Lower Columbia College Art Gallery Sept/Oct 2001.
My rug "The Blue Twill" won "First in Class" at the North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association (NASSA) focus on Shetland Fibre Arts Competition held July 2004 in Calgary, Alberta. Judging was Judith McKenzie McCuin.

Future Direction

My goal for my weaving is to create dynamic and unique rugs and hangings. While I am already dyeing my weft yarns, I anticipate adding both complexity and depth to my designs through the use of a non-traditional application of a very traditional dyeing technique.

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